Free Dark Crystals are being provided by Tower of Fantasy as a remedy for server problems.

Tower of Fantasy wrote a message to users apologizing for problems with their servers during the game’s launch and announcing a reimbursement program. The new shared open world MMORPG was made available to everyone on August 10 but almost immediately encountered login and registration problems, requiring the development team to make a decision on how to appease those affected.

Tower of Fantasy, created by Hotta Studio, is a post-apocalyptic game including boss fights, raiding, and a gacha system for unlocking new characters. It is set in a society that has retained certain technical accomplishments. The game also revealed that it has received over 4 million global pre-registration sign-ups across PC, Android, and iOS before launch.
The Tower of Fantasy team announced that players who registered before August 11 would receive 300 Dark crystals as a result of some players having trouble logging in to the game servers or frequently getting disconnected in “A Letter to Wanderers (Vol.5)” on the game’s website and Twitter. In order to make up for the players’ inability to register or access their accounts, another 300 Dark crystals will be supplied. All players that registered before August 17 will receive 10 Gold nucleas, a rectification item utilized in the gacha mechanic that ensures SR or better character drops. The firm asserts that all of these issues have been resolved and points players experiencing the same or additional issues to its FAQ page for more information.
The 600 Dark crystals can be used to buy in-game products including Gold, Gold nucleas, and Red nucleas, Identity Update Cards to change characters’ appearances, and 600 Dark crystals. Although they cannot be purchased directly, players can acquire Dark crystals through in-game missions and as a bonus for using real money to buy Tanium, the game’s currency.

Players continue to encounter day one troubles alarmingly frequently, despite countless examples of the same type of issues recurring consistently with each fresh highly anticipated launch. Most players may have been skeptical about Tower of Fantasy’s launch issues for a game with 4 million pre-registrations, and they may feel appropriately compensated with gold that can be used to buy more gacha machine pulls. Only time will tell if it is sufficient to entice back those who abandoned the game out of irritation after being unable to log in.

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